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Rising Mist

The Mist Trilogy
These books can be read as stand alones and in any order
Rising Mist Cover
Social worker Max Maitland is trained to help people, not leave them vulnerable to evil. His unexpected and unwanted legacy bestows upon him a spirit beast—a cougar—to help protect him and his sister. Bound to his sister by their legacy, Max is frustrated at the prospect of sacrificing his own goals and dreams the way his bachelor uncle did.
Robin Chandler’s reputation as a mural artist allows her temporary escape from her native Sedona, Arizona, away from the ex-fiancé who cheated on her and where she suffered the horror of a cougar attack. After four months on the road, she’s ready to return to the desert landscape close to her heart, but meeting Max Maitland is a potent diversion.  When Max tells her his sister is fighting evil spirits, Robin questions her choices. This otherwise irresistible guy can’t really believe in the “woo-woo” can he?

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These books can be read as stand alones and in any order
Gathering Mist
Rising Mist
Box Set
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