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Mist on

the Meadow

The Mist Trilogy
These books can be read as stand alones and in any order
Mist on th Meadow
For her twenty-fifth birthday, a family legacy is passed on to small town pastry chef Marissa Maitland as a Kundigerin, which means she has come into secret psychic power. She will know things about people at the brush of a hand, and use this to help them-but she cannot talk about being Kundigerin without suffering pain.
Named executor of his grandmother's estate, Wolf Harper must find something called a "Kundigerin" before he can sell the place. If he could sell his remaining family too, he would. Keeping the family business afloat is his priority, in spite of his uncle's bad management putting them in the red.
Wolf runs into Marissa - literally - at an icy intersection-and is enchanted by her beauty. One bite of her baked goods bewitches him and enflames a passion Marissa shares. But Marissa blurts long-buried details about the car accident that killed his parents, and knows far too much about the problems at Harper Electronics, neither of which she will explain. Should he be afraid of her?

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These books can be read as stand alones and in any order
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