Trying something new

This is a year of metamorphosis for me. With the completion of the Epitaph series, I'm planning a new series. I have a setting, but nothing more than that yet. Because the day job takes over the first four months of my year, I've been procrastinating. Fear not! I HAVE written a new story, which is currently under consideration with a major publisher (wish me luck!), and there are only six weeks left in "busy season" before I delve head first into the next series.

Among other "new things" I'm trying is a different blog platform. Welcome! What do you think? Is this one easier to read? Easier to leave comments at? Any different from my previous platform at all?

Meanwhile, you'll want to make sure you're all caught up with The McCormicks and the Bensons in the EPITAPH series. Have you read THE GARDEN yet?

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