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And now there's a deadline

So far, I've been writing on my own schedule. Don't get me wrong, I usually write a book fairly quickly (although not as fast as I used to "pre-plague"). Elspeth Barclay book 3 is nearing completion, and after checking in with my editor, I am now writing to finish rather than just writing to find my way through the story.

The inspiration

That means I need a title! Ugh. Here's a hint. Elle breaks her own rules and calls out to the spirit world. The spirit that answers isn't the one she expected. Nevertheless, she helps the spirit find what Elle believes is closure, except this spirit isn't finished. What more does it want from her?

I've been back and forth through the story as it unfolds, cleaning up some of the mess along the way, redirecting the characters to the main road, but there's still a lot of mess to address. Then, of course, there's the grammatical pass that needs to be done, and the readability pass... all of those fun things that go into producing a book--and that's before it goes to the editor. She's going to want a "pre-final" version that she can then point out the flaws in. The more mistakes she sees when she gets it, the better the chance she'll miss a potentially bigger mistake. So, yeah, I need to make it as near perfect as I can before I send it to her.

Right now, the expected release date is sometime in April, but more on that later. I have a deadline to meet now! Anyone else looking forward to the new book? 

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