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Back at the keyboard

I haven't been able to get "out and about" like I normally do and was somehow still surprised when my pictures scheduled to social media ran out. That happens when you don't get out to take more! 

I finished my round of treatment Sunday and started feeling well enough to sit down with my characters again, who promptly informed me I was spending too much time on subplots and not enough time with the main story. Back to work. Digging into research and developing ideas. AND getting out and about to remember what fresh air feels like. 

I'm taking a blogcation for the rest of the year so I can concentrate on family, and the holidays, and getting this story written. 

Since there are so many different holidays in December, I'll wish you all 

Happy Holidays! 

(and if you see me, you can wish me a Merry Christmas 🎅🎄)

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