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The Business End

While I wait for my critique group to finish, and then my editor's comments on, THE DEMON FROM THE CRYPT, I'm concentrating on the business end of things. There's so much more to writing a book than writing a book.

I've been setting up trailers and ads and graphics, oh my. How do I get a reader's attention? I should also add to that question "in an ever-changing environment."

Welp, here's the trailer I put together. Picking the highlights from the book to add is a challenge, especially when my highlights as an author (i.e., those things that inspired me to write) might only have a minor place in the book as a whole. (For instance, the photo - in my cover reveal post - that kicked this whole process off.)

Then there's the process of condensing an entire novel into one or two sentences (also known as an elevator pitch). Sort of leaning toward: Elle would do anything for her sister, even face a demon.

I'm also booking personal appearances in case anyone wants to buy a book from me live and in person (see Karla in the Wild).

You know. The business end of things.

Oh. And then there's the next book to write. Often, I'll have a start on the next one while I'm waiting for this one to go through the finalizing process. What do you think? Are you guys enjoying Elle Barclay?

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