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The Jane Doe Ghost
An Elspeth Barclay Novel

Jane Doe Cover

Now that Elspeth “Elle” Barclay’s mother has retired from “clearing” haunted houses, Elle steps in to evaluate disturbances. She debunks a haunting, but finds spiritual energy outside the house. The victim of a recent hit and run accident demands that Elle “tell them,” but tell whom what? The accident victim, a young woman, lies in the morgue as a Jane Doe. Details in the ghost’s visions send Elle to Bar Harbor, Maine, to tell Jane Doe’s family about the accident, but they aren’t interested in talking to her.


Jane Doe grows more aggressive in her pleas. When the man Jane came to Illinois to find turns up dead, Elle fears her own life may be in danger. She has never encountered a spirit who can manifest energy physically before, but this one grabs her arm, leaving burns. What more does she want?

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