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Horned Owl Hollow

Antiques dealer Elle Barclay is called to the Horned Owl Hollow mansion to evaluate an antique figurine collection. What should have been a simple assessment of the collection’s value takes an unexpected turn Elle learns the house is haunted. Residual energy taps into Elle’s sensitivity telling her to protect the estate for Martin.

Martin who?

A violent pop-up storm engulfs the estate and brings a sailor to the front door seeking shelter—a man claiming to be Martin Foster, the heir to Horned Owl Hollow who was lost in the Bermuda Triangle a hundred years ago.

Suddenly, the current owner of Horned Owl Hollow is speaking in a voice not his own—the voice of an angry spirit determined to see his wishes carried out. Other souls who perished in the house return to reveal the mansion’s dark history of treachery and greed dating back to the Prohibition Era. Time is against Elle as she works to right the wrongs of the past.
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