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Horned Owl Hollow
An Elspeth Barclay Novel


Antiques dealer and spiritual medium Elle Barclay is called to a stately Illinois mansion to appraise a figurine collection. What should be a simple assessment takes an unexpected turn when the residual energy of the deceased matriarch charges Elle with protecting the estate for Martin.

Martin who?


A violent pop-up storm brings a sailor to the front door seeking shelter. He claims to be Martin Foster, the heir who was lost in the Bermuda Triangle a hundred years ago.

Suddenly, the current owner of the estate speaks in a voice not his own—the voice of an angry spirit determined to ensure the transfer of the property to Martin—but Martin’s theoretical passage through time and space has taken a toll on his health. He may die before his identify can be verified.

Other souls who perished in the house return to reveal the mansion’s dark history of treachery and greed dating back to the Prohibition Era. Elle is running out of time to appease the vengeful spirits, putting the whole family at Horned Owl Hollow in danger.

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