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The Demon from the Crypt
An Elspeth Barclay Novel

Demon from the Crypt

Mere weeks after tying up the haunting at Horned Owl Hollow, Elle receives a panicked call from her sister Laine, who is vacationing in Spain. She’s seen a ghost whose appearance portends death. Hoping to avoid flying over an ocean, Elle downplays the danger, but when she hears the ghost shriek over the phone, rescuing her sister trumps her paralyzing fear of air travel. She invites the man she’s been dating to accompany her, as much for moral support as for psychic support.

In Sevilla, Laine’s boyfriend Gavin arranges a tour of the haunted crypt—the source of the ghostly screams—but this apparition is no ordinary ghost. According to local ghost hunters, it’s a demon desperate to escape the hallowed ground where it is entombed—a demon rumored to have killed a man in a recent possession and exorcism gone awry. Now, the demon has hijacked Gavin.

Disoriented in a foreign country, Elle searches out an exorcist, but the Spanish priest she approaches doesn't speak English. A mysterious stranger intervenes and advises her to rely on her espíritu amistoso—friendly spirit—instead. The one truth Elle knows is that calling on spirits can open the door to the wrong sort.

Can Elle banish the demon before it kills Gavin? They have to find him first.

In the second Elspeth Barclay novel, Elle has to rely on her paranormal gifts and battle with an aggressive spirit while learning to accept help from those around her, including friends who linger beyond the shadow of their own deaths. 

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