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The Selkie

Epitaph Series
The Selkie cover
Don’t mix pleasure with business…
Pro Soccer player Liam McCormick doesn’t date fans or groupies. When his physical therapist makes a play for him after he blows out his ACL, he quits therapy to rehab himself. The coaches learn of their most valuable player’s walk-out and assign an athletic trainer to assess his condition before Liam’s return to the field, an exhibition game in Ireland. The fact the new trainer is a woman puts Liam on his guard. He’s not interested in a replay of what happened with his physical therapist.
Emma Parrish works 80 hours a week, but a free trip to Ireland to assess a player’s recovery is something she will make time for. Unfortunately, an excess of Irish stout and a local legend of seals rising from the ocean as loyal lovers has Emma making a fool of herself by mistaking the dark and attractive Liam for a Selkie. When Liam’s teammate makes a play for her, she drops him to the floor with practiced technique. Dating the athletes is unprofessional and she can take care of herself.
Instead of being put off, Liam is attracted to her strength and independence. The more time they spend together, the more the temptation grows until neither can resist. But an unexpected visitor follows them home from Ireland. The ghost of Liam’s father—an alleged Selkie, according to Liam’s Kinsale relatives—has much to atone for, and when Liam refuses to listen to him, the ghost recruits Emma to help him make amends with his family. Is Emma in love with Liam, or is she under the spell of a Selkie?

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