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The Benson Collection

Epitaph Series
Epitaph bundle Bensons
Meet the Bensons. This collection contains three books from the Epitaph Series: 

THE MIRROR: Small town life has strangled Sandra as effectively as Nick tried to before he left town. Garth might be the one man who can protect her from Nick, but what he expects in return is too much. On top of that, her deceased father’s unexpected appearance in the mirror of her new home exposes long-held secrets that will change Sandra's view of her family and hometown forever.

THE SCULPTOR: The more Maggie learns about Thad, the worse she feels for exposing his private moment on her trending blog—except no one seems to recognize him, and that makes her angry. How does she, a stuttering stranger, compete with the ghost of a dead girl to win the heart of Edgarville’s confirmed bachelor?

THE GARDEN: With two older brothers, Brian Benson is no stranger to practical jokers. Taking on a horticulturist job for a fresh start, he had hoped to escape the perception of being the village idiot. Pranks are one thing, but if he can’t expose the guilty party behind the explosion in the greenhouse at Haley Gardens, he and his new boss, Gwen, might both end up dead.

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These books can be read as stand alones and in any order
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