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The McCormick Collection

Epitaph Series
Epitaph bundle McCormick
Meet the McCormicks. This bundle of four books includes:
EPITAPH - A dead girl's cry for help - A serial killer on the loose - Not your typical first date.

THE TWINS - Haunted houses don't sell, and Jared Pierce's family sends him from Louisiana to Illinois to make sure there aren't any ghosts lingering in his great-aunt's house. An accident on an icy road extends his visit from a few days to a few months. 

THE ARCHITECT - A mischievous ghost in a NOLA hotel decides to play matchmaker, but with a strict non-fraternization policy at work, getting involved could get both Kathleen and Sebastian fired.

THE SELKIE - The ghost of Liam's father—an alleged Selkie, according to Liam's Kinsale relatives—has much to atone for, and when Liam refuses to listen to him, the ghost recruits Emma to help him make amends with his family.

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These books can be read as stand alones and in any order
Epitaph series
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