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The Sculptor

Epitaph Series
Book reviewer Maggie Grant has a romantic soul. When she happens on a tender moment in a cemetery, the man who places a fingertip kiss on a headstone provides inspiration for her popular magazine blog.
After inheriting the family monument shop, Thad Benson struggles with his new-found responsibilities. Teased by his sister as having a face only a mother could love, Thad is only comfortable sharing his thoughts with a dead woman. Until he meets Maggie.
The more Maggie learns about Thad, the worse she feels for exposing his private moment on her trending blog—except no one seems to recognize him, and that makes her angry. Does she, a stuttering stranger, dare to show Thad’s family and friends, the people closest to him, what they’re missing? And how does she compete with the ghost of a dead girl to win the heart of Edgarville’s confirmed bachelor?

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These books can be read as stand alones and in any order
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