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New year, new e-reader?

You know what I haven't done in a while? Give away a book, just because. Lots of people got ebook readers for Christmas, and the "stuff my kindle" event showed that people are looking for new things to read. 

Are you missing one of my books in your collection? As a thank you for being a reader and for joining me here on my blog, I'm giving away one book each to three lucky winners simply by asking for it. 

Know someone who might like my books? Share this post with them so they have a chance to win, too! And did you know you can also gift books -- ebooks and paperbacks -- to friends and family at most sellers? If you need help figuring out how, leave me a comment including which bookseller you want to gift from and I'll send you a link to their gifting instructions.

Update on the weight journey: No more binges since the Christmas cookie fiasco. Still tracking calories, still in calorie deficit. Down one more pound. Non-scale victory? I'm wearing jeans instead of my "soft pants" (as Dear Husband calls them). 

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