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Buckling down

Being an author is far from glamorous.

For years, I balanced my writing with a day job. In many ways, that made me more disciplined with the writing because of my limited availability to disappear into an alternate universe. Now that writing is my full-time gig (and no, it doesn't support me. I have the years at the day job to thank for that), my writing schedule is somewhat more haphazard.

For starters, there's exercise to consider. Sitting at my computer 24/7 is not an option. Three days a week, I take myself out of the house to a gym to exercise. The other four days, I take myself outside for said exercise, or the treadmill in the basement, or other concentrated efforts. Generally, the big guy goes with me, so if we go to the gym first thing in the morning, that means I don't settle in to write until lunchtime. Ooops. Lunchtime. Okay, so I'll start AFTER lunch. I strive to spend 2-3 hours after lunch at my computer. On those "home" exercise days, I might start writing in the a.m., or at least that's the goal. The exercise on "home" days more often falls closer to lunchtime (right before or right after).

Add in other distractions. Currently, I'm waiting for the audio files for THE DEMON FROM THE CRYPT. The lovely Jude Erin has promised them to me by the beginning of November, but her regular updates make me optimistic that she might be early. That means a couple of days to listen to the files and make sure she hasn't missed something (she's very thorough, so that isn't likely, but always better to check). Then, there's that part of me that procrastinates because, you know, those files are coming any day now.

Did I mention marketing? With each book release (do you have your copy of THE DEMON FROM THE CRYPT yet?), time has to be devoted to getting the new book into people's hands. Creatives to create. Taglines to tag. Markets to tap. This is EXHAUSTING for someone who has trouble tooting her own horn, much less actually getting herself out to meet people. Even the "not peopley" parts.

Then there's the creative process, itself. Generally, getting "into the groove" is the most fun part of the job. I'm working on Elle 3, as much as all these other things are getting in my way and providing me reasons to procrastinate. I'm not in the groove yet. I know what the story is, but because I also like to write romance novels in addition to the spooky stuff, I keep getting side-tracked by Elle's burgeoning romance. These books are about the ghosts. I remind myself of that on a daily basis. The romance is the subplot, not the main plot.

Last, there's the weather. What does the weather have to do with writing a book? Speaking in broad generalizations, authors are often introverts and also deal with some level of depression. This is not true of all authors (broad generalizations, remember?). These generalizations, however, do apply to me. We have had two weeks of rain. Rain tends to dampen the mood/spirit. Add in the "getting out there to promote," which requires a lot of energy and effort for an introvert. Recovery time required. Usually, this is the best time to lose myself in my writing and escape the real world for a little while. Usually.

When all is said and done, I'm working on the new book. The process maybe isn't going as fast as I'd like it to, but it is progressing.

So this is where I tell you I'll be sending the next newsletter as soon as the audio for THE DEMON FROM THE CRYPT is finished and on sale. You'll want to make sure you're signed up. Also, the audio for FAMILY ALCHEMY is on special (narrated by yours truly), so if you've been waiting to listen to a copy, now's your chance. The special is running at GooglePlay, Apple Books, Spotify, Barnes and Noble, and Chirp. I hope you'll let me know what you think! Pats on the back are always good motivators. 😁

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