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Living Canvas

Hoffman Grove
Living Canvas Cover
While on a site inspection in Scotland, event planner Audrey MacDougall receives word her company has been sold, the result of a hostile takeover. Her supervisor emails Audrey, proposing her job might shift to contractor status to move her off the payroll. As Audrey researches her new boss, she uncovers frightening gossip that compounds her fears for job security. Her overdeveloped sense of intuition attracts her to a fellow traveler, a photographer on assignment who sends her mixed signals.

Widowed father Greg Ellison’s first consideration has to be for his children, but there’s something familiar about Audrey. While they tour countryside, she tells him her job is hanging in the balance. Her skill set provides what he's missing and he impulsively asks if she’d be interested in helping him achieve his dream job of running a B&B.

Is Greg working for the new boss?

Upon her arrival home, Audrey is gifted a painting, but the card has gone missing. The painting draws her in, literally, but it’s all a dream, right? She continues to run into Greg unexpectedly, including at the B&B he wants to buy. With interference from her best friend, Audrey takes a leap of faith and joins forces with Greg to escape the toxic, post-takeover work environment, but her old boss isn’t finished with her yet.

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