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Being Neighborly

Hoffman Grove
Being Neighborly cover

Sue Sheffield maintains a friendship with her alcoholic ex-husband, hoping he can find his way back to the man he used to be—until he falls off the wagon, wraps his car around a tree, and dies.

When rock guitarist Heath Fitzgerald hears his new neighbor sobbing, he rushes to check on her. After his previous roommate’s recent suicide, Heath’s determined not to let anyone else suffer in silence. He cheers her up the only way he knows how—with dad jokes, his knee-jerk response to stress.

After learning Heath’s day job is voice-over work, including audiobooks, Sue looks him up online. Chillingly, he was a person of interest in his roommate’s death. But if the death was ruled a suicide, why did they interrogate Heath? Investigating further uncovers the roommate’s deviant skeletons, further straining friendships he’d stretched to the breaking point. Solving crimes in real life isn’t as glamourous as it is in the mystery books Sue devours. She receives anonymous threats to leave it alone. Whether or not Heath is a killer, Sue finds him a person of interest for entirely different reasons.

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