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While We Were Shopping

While We Were Shopping
A boss on the wrong side of the ocean.
A coworker separated from his family.
A woman on a mission, because
Everyone should love Christmas. Right?
Web designer, Cady Spencer, is itching for more responsibility at work, but her Grinch-like boss can't even remember her name. She sets out on a campaign to make sure he knows who she is, and decides to buy him gifts for the twelve days of Christmas, from his "Secret Santa," with the big reveal on Christmas Eve. Surely there's a real person hiding inside her unapproachable boss—I mean who doesn't love Christmas?—and she's just the person to ferret that person out.

Shepherd Hart harbors a secret crush on Cady. He hates his job, can't find any redeeming qualities in their jerk of a boss, and wants to start his own company, but he isn't good with risk. When the boss throws Shep and Cady onto a project with a short deadline, the long hours should give Shep the chance to tell Cady how he feels. But why is she buying gifts for the boss?
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