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Unintended Consequences

A Hillendale Novel

Unintended Consequences cover

Brynn Taylor works side by side with her Aunt Nora mixing targeted therapeutic herbal recipes for their customers at the gift shop, but the natural remedies are only chemistry to Brynn.

Beware of strangers.

Something evil lurks in Hillendale. A shadowy man watches their shop door, setting Brynn’s nerves on edge. A beautiful tourist uses Brynn’s signature scent to seduce Brynn’s boyfriend, sending the town gossips into a frenzy. An indigenous silversmith friend tells Nora “her time has come.” A prophecy of doom?


Unintended consequences.

When Brynn weaves a wish to circumvent the evil, things spiral out of control. Alone and miserable, Brynn refuses to do the magic’s bidding. The Spirit Walker is the only one who can help her understand there’s more to her gift than science.

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