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The odds are ever against you

If you don’t believe in vaccines, you can step away now. This isn’t a post you’ll want to read.

I’m of a certain age where doctors recommend more vaccines. The evidence of their effectiveness is demonstrated in the near eradication of polio and small pox. Yes, I’ve had my covid vaccines. And the flu vaccine. And shingles, because YIKES. For three years I’ve managed to avoid the plague, and right about the time I figure its safe to “go back in the water” (Jaws reference, in case you’re not aware), it found me. 

I’ve resumed traveling this year, and after flying to Spain with a young woman coughing nearby the whole way, I had confidence my immune system could combat whatever was out there. 

The odds are ever against you. 

We had company for Thanksgiving. Just two people. We went to Christkindlmarket and braved the crowds there. And last weekend, I went to a holiday breakfast. Monday, I woke up “not feeling right.” Just for grins, I took one of those tests. SURPRISE! Someone shared their germs with me. Not sure who, not sure where I picked it up.

I’m grateful to have had three years without contracting the disease, which means I’ve avoided the most deadly strains, but I tell you what… even though its more like the flu than it originally was, its never fun to be sick. I’m down for the count, so writing is backburnered until I can manage the fever long enough to form a cohesive thought.

What do you do when you’re sick? Hide in bed? Watch movies from the easy chair/recliner? 

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