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Interrupted Magic

A Hillendale Novel

Interrupted Magic

A stranger comes to Brynn Taylor looking to overcome a streak of bad luck, but when Brynn agrees to help, the hex transfers from the stranger to Brynn’s fiancé, Kyle Jakes. Four months ago, Kyle was laid off from the Hillendale Police Department. He’s postponed the wedding, taken a “filler” job out of town, and has grown sullen and irritable. While their relationship has eroded, Brynn vows to redirect the hex to its rightful owner. Her business is suffering, and once the town gossips get hold of the information she and Kyle—the town’s golden boy—have broken up, she may have to close her doors permanently. After a steamy encounter with a man at a grocery store, her gift for alchemy has gone on the fritz. Either the spell that transferred to Kyle stripped her of her talents or the man from the grocery store is responsible for her interrupted magic.

They only have two weeks to thwart the terms of the hex, the consequences of which could cost Kyle his future in law enforcement. How is she supposed to reverse the hex when her magic isn’t working?

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