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Book Bible for Authors

Do you need help keeping your books organized? Have trouble keeping your characters straight? Your series information? Locales?


I've developed a writing tool.


One of the things most authors struggle with is keeping track of their characters and the names of the places they write into their books. I'm database certified, so when I started recording the information for my own books, it naturally went into a database.  As my backlist has grown, so has my database. For that reason I have develop this author tool.

What does it do?

  • It tracks which characters appear in which book.

  • It tracks what those characters look like (what color did I make his eyes?)

  • It tracks the settings in your books. Town names, restaurant names, shops, etc.

  • You can save a character name that strikes your fancy and add it to an inventory to use at a later date, or make sure you don't use the same name twice.

  • It tracks series information.


The main input screen is shown below. You can also add a photo if you used a picture as your inspiration for your characters.

Menu options include:

  • Add a New Book

  • View Existing Book Information (filter by book)

  • View/Edit a Character Sketch

  • See Series Information

  • Add a Character Name for Later/Pick a Name from Inventory

Are there other features you'd like to see?

If you'd like a copy, fill out the form below. *

Contact me to test a copy or with your questions and comments.

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Download free while it's in

Beta development

* This program is only available for Windows-based computers (doesn't work with Apple or Chromebook).

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