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Epitaph 3: The Mirror ©2017 Karla Brandenburg

     “Look, I don’t want to tell you what to do,” he started.


     She chuckled. “Oh, yes you do.” She crossed her arms and faced him. “Let’s hear it.”


     “For starters, you need to file a complaint,” he told her. “Against Nick.”

     “And what good would that do, unless Micah or PJ wants to follow me around town all day every day? Nick isn’t the type to be deterred.”


     “It makes your case for the next time he comes after you. Or, I could take him hunting,” Garth said, one eyebrow raised, “and arrange for an accident.”

     He was probably kidding, but she didn’t like the aggressive male testosterone manifesting itself. Fists or guns, both could be lethal.

Had Nick killed Tammy?

     Sandra rose from the bed and stared Garth down. He didn’t move.

     “I’m not stupid enough to go to jail for killing him,” he clarified.

     “I’ll file the complaint,” she said. “You said for starters. What else? Might as well tell me what else you think I’m too stupid to come up with on my own.”


     “I never said you were stupid.”


     She knew she sounded unreasonable but she couldn’t help herself. This had been one hell of a day so far. “What else?” she asked.


     “Find someone who can translate the journal for you. You could track down an old business teacher at the high school, or someone who could point you the right direction.”


     She shook her head. “No can do, big guy. Whatever’s in the journal is private. I don’t want the whole town to know my mother’s business.” Especially if her mother did have an affair, or affairs. 

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