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Enchanted Memories

A Hillendale Novel

Enchanted Memories

After a near-death experience when locating a strangling victim, psychic police consultant Madeleine Stephens is content to keep to herself and redecorate her new house. The community of Hillendale, Wisconsin has been quiet, but the spring weather brings out the neighbors, who want to learn more about her and her knack for finding things that are lost.

When Deputy Kyle Jakes and his K-9 approach her to help find a missing person, Madeleine is hesitant—particularly if the woman might have had a fatal accident—not to mention she wiped Kyle's memory of their first encounter before he could reject her. But finding missing persons is what she does—her gift—and the possibility the current missing woman is in danger is low. Needing to ease back into her skills, she accepts the case, but avoids Kyle to prevent shaking loose the memory of their interlude.

After Madeleine’s initial consult, the missing woman is found, but goes missing a second time. Madeleine teams up with Kyle, whose repressed memory isn’t buried as deeply as she’d hoped. They struggle with trust issues while they pursue leads, but Kyle isn’t the only one who recovers a hidden memory. When reviewing the vision that hospitalized her, Madeleine inadvertently reveals herself to the strangler. She must trust Kyle to keep her safe, while keeping him safe at the same time.

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