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So you’ve read through your book, and read through it again, and now you think it’s perfect, but you need that last set of eyes. "Did I miss a typo? A word used incorrectly?"

Proofreading your own work is one of the most difficult parts of writing. You know what it’s supposed to say, so your eyes trick you into thinking that’s what you’re seeing. I can give you a “fresh read.”

What I can do for you:

Proofreading: I have been a professional proofreader/copyeditor for more than 30 years. I have a very strong command of the English language. In addition to reading for any obvious typographical errors, I will also look for curly versus straight quotes, overused words, filler words. I will also do light copyediting to check for consistency in descriptions or names or details that track or don’t track. When I proofread your novel, I will highlight obvious errors and suggest corrections in Word, Track Changes mode. 

BETA Reading: That fresh set of eyes. An objective read of your finished product. This does not include corrections. A BETA read will return how your characters are portrayed, if their characterization is consistent and sympathetic, if your plot is believable, if you have a clear presentation of goals, motivation and conflict. 


Formatting services

Your book is done. Congratulations! Now you have the task of formatting and uploading to the various sites. I can help you past the Smashwords AutoVetter errors. I can provide an uploadable .doc, .docx, .epub, or .mobi. Formatting for CreateSpace? I can prepare your uploadable .pdf with (or without) drop caps and with graphic chapter heads of your choosing. Don’t know how to upload? I can do that.

Want to know more? 
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