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Meet the family of friends. Read them alone or in any order. Each book stands on its own.

Cookie Therapy

To escape notoriety from her role in the school shooting she barely survived, Elizabeth Lambert moves from Houston to Hoffman Grove, Illinois. Plagued by panic attacks and nightmares, she’s determined to embrace her second chance at life, knowing that death could take her in an instant. A one-night stand with a local handsome firefighter should remind her that she’s alive, but like a good cookie, once is not enough to satisfy her craving. Will he reject her when he learns about the blood on her hands?

Firefighter and paramedic Matt Billings fights his attraction to the alluring new bookshop manager. She dangles a one-night stand under his nose, but the last time he gave in to such an offer he ended up with a child. He is determined to be a better man than his philandering father. Can he convince Elizabeth that her past is not as terrifying as suddenly being a parent, and a relationship is worth more than just a checkbox on her bucket list?

Return to Hoffman Grove

After nine years away, Brody Parkhill returns to his home town to consult with the owner of an outdated building. He discovers that the building is leased to a crisis center, and his friends from high school are involved in its operation. An uncomfortable situation grows worse when his boss sees Brody’s personal connections at the center as a conflict of interest and fires him. How can he win back his first love when he has no more to offer her now than he did then?


The last person Cinda Cooper expected to see after a night out was her best friend from high school, Brody Parkhill, the one who was supposed to help her escape her troubled home life. The one she hasn’t seen or heard from for nine years. A series of crimes against Cinda make her wonder if trouble has followed him, or if her past has caught up with her.

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Living Canvas

Audrey MacDougall's new boss is cleaning house and to make matters worse, he is a “person of interest” in the mysterious disappearance of a young girl 20 year ago. Greg Ellison offers Audrey a chance to break away and start over, but what is it about Greg that pulls her out of the real world and inside a painting with him? 

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Touched by the Sun*

School teacher Kira Ellison embarks on an archeological vacation to southern Italy in search of the phantom Holy Grail, one last diversion before she settles into the life that is expected of her.

Prior to her arrival, a dream haunts Kira's sleep. The premonition forewarns her of the dangers that lay in wait, but it doesn't prepare her for Dominic Fioretti. When she comes face to face with the "man of her dreams," the dangers become all too real, both physically and emotionally. Will she find the legendary holy grail? Or will she go back home to lead the life that seems destined for her?

*This book has been remaindered. If you're interested in reading it, please contact the author.


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