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The Hillendale Novels

Family Alchemy cover Hillendale.png
Unintended Consequences.png
The Hidden Grimoire.jpg
Interrupted Magic.jpg

The Epitaph Series

Epitaph 2: The Twins
Epitaph 3: The Mirror
Epitaph 4: The Architect
Epitaph 5: The Selkie
Epitaph 6: The Sculptor
Epitaph 6: The Sculptor
Epitaph 7: The Garden
Epitaph bundle McCormick.jpg
Epitaph bundle Benson.jpg

The Mist Series

Mist on the Meadow
Kundigerin #1
Gathering Mist
Kundigerin #2
Rising Mist
Kundigerin #3
The Mist Trilogy
Get all three in one book
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Coyote Legacy: A Canyon Legends Fantasy
Before there the indigenous people of canyon country, there were the Legend People
What happens on the mountain stays on the mountain?
While We Were Shopping
In the mood for a Hallmark Movie type read?
Heart for Rent
Heart for Rent, with an Option
Intimate Distance
Intimate Distance
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Hoffman Grove

Cookie Therapy
Northwest Suburbs #4
Return to Hoffman Grove
Northwest Suburbs #3
Living Canvas
Northwest Suburbs #2
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